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what might be the function for this

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At the local flea, I bought an old tool for punching square and round holes. It has the bottom square with the central hole, and is fixed into a holder. The 1/2" square hole receives a square punch, the punch necked down from 1" square tool steel. The square runs vertically through a 1" hole, a connected sleeve-like keeper. The whole thing fits on the anvilface...has a hardie shank. I've never used it, but it is a wonderful, careful forging that has match marks to align everything. It came out of Texas and I suspect was used on plow shares.

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The part with the hole looks like the top plate of the anvil of my treadle hammer. The other part looks like the flat die that fits into the plate on my anvil. I also have interchangeable dies for the head. But then, it could be something else.

That is what I think it will be, When I get to build a tire hammer.
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