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I Forge Iron

Questions about making tools.

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A birch tree decided to use Frosties head for batting practice. Of course in the trees defence, he was trying to cut it down at the moment. :o We are lucky he is still with us.

I spent the weekend over at Frosties and had a great time with him and some other smiths. He is a great guy and has a depth of knoweledge that is hard to beat. I for one am greatful that he is still with us.

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After nearly getting birched to death he is doing pretty good!


Oh wow. I didn't know about that. I am glad he is OK. He always seems like a great guy to me. And he lives in the state where I would live if my kids didn't have such a close relationship with my mother in Colorado. Frosty has answered more of my questions than I can count. Without him I dont know if I would have a working forge right now.
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