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It just keeps getting better ...

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I recall a thread sometime last year where many of us talked about how much we loved our wives and we even discovered that there seems to be some strange attractive bond between blacksmiths and fiber artists (people who spin wool and or weave) - the STEEL-WOOL combo ... :)

Well, as the thread suggests, it just keeps getting better for me.

My wife works for the Canadian Federal Government and this summer, she finally got her transfer to a new department closer to home.

She is now the HR consultant for the Department of Natural Resources ... her department specifically deals with Steel Research. :blink:

I almost fell over laughing.

Life is good. :D

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The subject made me think of a Geico commercial but your message is so much better!

Being part of a steel wool couple has definite benefits. Not only do Deb's spinning compatriotes just LOVE my doffers but the spring retreat is the SAME weekend I'm hosting a little friendly hammer in get together thingy at my shop.

If you don't have any kids yet I have two suggestions, rethink the Family business. And two, we'll be more than happy to either ship you a couple goat kids or recommend a reputable breeder in your neighborhood. Our only stipulation on the second being if the USGS starts talking about leaving the area, load up the goats, tools and such and. . . GET OUT!:blink:

Frosty the Lucky.

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