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Mankel forge

Sam Salvati

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I recently acquired a 2 burner Mankel forge, older model casting but in mint condition. It has the DC motor for the blower. I paid 50$ for it and an anvil and some other tools.

Nice drive by gloat there Sam.
As they say on one of the WWing forums,BEEP-BEEP!

As at least one member usually says here,"Pics,or it didn`t happen". ;)
As most of the others say,we LOVE pics and I am looking forward to seeing the digital images from all sides and angles to include hot steel being worked on that power hammer of yours. :)
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Sam,you are a bad man!
I`ll bet the old widow didn`t know she could get over twice that just for the anvil. :o

Keep this up and you`ll have warehouses full of gear dotted all over the countryside yet sleep in a van down by the river with a cell phone next to your head.
Gotta be ready to go with the quickness if you want to get deals like that. :)

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Bob, no widow, the man who originally took the farrier class in Oklahoma is the one who sold it to me, he was original owner of everything. I'd not like warehouses of stuff, just the right tools to keep myself up and running right to do a good job, in a nice house with attached shop :D

He was happy it was going to someone who could use it and is going to use it!

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He sure did i'll never have to buy another forge ever again thanks to him, I couldn't thank him enough! my friend Dick the Mankel Magician has the ones he runs going at 5/8ths of a psi, running welding heats in a BIG chamber. I'll have to shoot some photos of the anvil tomorrow it's night here now. I'm going to clean it up real good, paint it even!

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Nuge, I might extend the round bar pins on the back and make a thin stack of brick, to get a bit bigger chamber and also to get a back door like you said. That way it'll keep it all in good order but still make it workable for longer stuff.

Ianinsa, there isn't a good lady in my life just yet so no worries :D

Craig, I wish I could!!!! money is tight this month, I did ashokan bladesmiths hammer in last weekend and got the blacksmiths this weekend coming after next! and I still have to make rent! gonna be close.

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