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Reil burner problem

Jeff Mack

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Just finished my fist reil style LP burner. I was having a problem with it only staying lit at a low pressure (1 or 2 lbs), so I ordered a pro made flare for it (from Ellis). Got it mounted, and it's still blowing itself out if I crank it up past 2 lbs. Any ideas? I'm using a mig tip for the orafice.


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Sounds like you need to tune the burner. Put it in a vise in a reasonably dark area. Put the flare about 3/4" on to the end. Light the burner and vary the insertion depth of your venturi until you get a stable flame. Increase the pressure and adjust again. It's just cut and try. Once you are satisfied with the flame, loosen the flare and adjust it with a pair of pliers.
It takes some time. Mine works from 1# to 35# with a stable flame. Also the insertion hole in your insulation should taper at the same angle as your flare.

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OK. To tune yours is a bit more difficult, but doable. You need to make sure the mig tip is centered and pointing straight down the pipe. After you light the burner, carefully move the injector up/down and rotate right/left in very small increments while observing the flame. You may have to use a smaller or larger mig tip. Don't give up, it will take a while.

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Another tip,
to make sure your jet is centralised down the throat of the burner venturi (the bell shaped 2" to 1" reducer) without having it lit and thus capable of removing your eyebrows, hook your pipe up to the hose from your garden and use water....
You'll get a jet thats easy to see and you can adjust it to dead centre, lock everything down and then use air to blow out any water thats still in the system. Depending on the type of reil burner the up and down height of the jet can be adjusted without losing this dead centre.

From the look of yours its one of the very early designs where you drilled a tiny hole in the gas pipe that went across the venturi for your jet, mine was like that and it was a dog to drill a perfectly straight hole into the gas pipe, the mig tip helped get rid of this issue, but you still need to check the jets centralised and at the right depth inside the bell housing. Look on the net for the variants that let you do both adjustments seperately, or if you have the cash check out the T Rex burners.

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