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My name is Steve, and I'm a noob( And every one says "Hi Steve") Anyways, I have something to put out to y'all. If you haven't done it yet, get out , find and join your local blacksmithing group. The PABA gang (PA Artist and Blacksmithing Association), of which I am recent member, had a gig yesterday and it was a real blast. They set up a demo at a Antique tractor collectors yearly fair, to show the visitors what blacksmithing is all about.Two coal forges, 2 propane and 3 anvils were set up, and they went at it. The metal beaters ranged from the expected professionals, all the way down to inexperienced teens, as well as one young fella working as a striker for the first time with one of the pros.

That was the overall picture, but personally it went farther than just watching. These guys, with all their experience and know-how were more than willing to share what they know.(Not unlike this forum- thanks guys!). I asked a question, and was not just answered, but I went behind the 'rope', handled some tools I wasn't familiar with, felt the dragon breath from a forge and experienced people who truly love their craft, and want to spread the gospel, as it were.

A also met other smiths, talked with them, exchanged ideas, and discovered that while I can learn a lot from these people, I can also contribute.I come into this from a completely different direction (I'm a professional landscaper and hobby woodworker)but my experiences are no less valid than anyone else's.

Hope this all made some sense- I usually think faster than I type, and I forget where I am taking a thought. That said, find your local group, join it and get involved!

Oh yeah- get some metal hot and beat on it!



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Glad to hear that, Steave! The Mississippi forge council meets every second Saturday, and we had 4 new people yesterday that got in the forge.

Next mounth we'll be meeting on the 3rd Saturday because the Tannehill conference in Alabama will be happenning the second weekend in September. Tannehill is one of the best conferences I've ever been to, and if anyone is able to attend, they definitely should.

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Hi Steve. Glad to hear that you enjoyed being at a demo. They are really enjoyable. We all have something to learn and there's always someone around that can teach us. Keep that enthusiasm and pass it along to others. I look forward to seeing some pix of some of your work. Good luck and be safe. :D

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