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found a coal source

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I have a guy that is about 20 mins from me offering to sell me coal. Great! I've been wanting to try and use coal instead of charcoal for a while now.

what do I need to know about this stuff, whether it is good for smithing or not? what is a good price? he wants $12 for a 5 gallon bucket. I know this is a bit high but it's the only coal I have run across, available to me.

the info I have now is $12 for a 5 gallon bucket, and he has plenty it. it is all around the size of a half dollar. he has no idea what it was used for or if it is suitable for blacksmithing..hey what do you know, me neither.

any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys

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thomas, I probably won't get but the one bucket from him. I'm curious as to the differences between coal and charcoal.

I bought my propane forge for the same reason, to compare it to charcoal, now it is an invaluable tool. I don't think coal will give me the same enthusiastic results but I'm in this to learn so whats $12 for the experience, right?

given you comment as to size and price, I will stick to charcoal and propane after going through the first bucket. unless of course I can find a better source

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