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Well, daily searches of cragilook paid off a couple of weeks ago. I've been looking for a nice Fisher anvil and I saw a post about 2 weeks ago about an hour after it was posted. I called the guy and he sent me a picture, I immediately let him know I was interested. He was kind enough to hold it for two weeks for me since I was traveling to Nashville, TN for two of my students to test for Black Belt in Taekwondo. After about 10 hours in the car, we pulled into his driveway. We spent a good bit of time talking and he had a nice post vice that I brought home too. He had restored a 25lb little giant and I told him I was building a small power hammer and he threw in a 3/4 HP motor for free. I let him know about Iforgeiron.com and hope to see him on here. Super nice fellow.

The anvil is in great shape. The date is not cast into the body as I would have expected and I don't see the name or Fisher eagle cast into it either, but about 50% of the factory sticker is still present and the paint looks original. Teh only mark cast on it is a "7" on the front leg and she weighs about 73 lbs. As far as I can tell, no one has ever struck the face. There are some chisel marks on the horn, and it is obvious that it has tipped over on the point of the horn at some point. Otherwise, it looks to be in perfect condition. Rebound with a ball bearing is between 85 and 90%.

NJanvilman, if you could shed some light on this particular anvil's place in history I'd be much appreciative.



post-11994-051796300 1281303305_thumb.jp

post-11994-016812400 1281303327_thumb.jp

post-11994-090998500 1281303351_thumb.jp

post-11994-037585200 1281303373_thumb.jp

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Your anvil was made in the 1950's. For economy sake, they stopped dating the anvils during that time. They also stopped putting the FISHER on the front. They chose to use the paper labels glued to the side. These lasted for a while, but they were never intended to be permanent.

The 7 on the leg indicates a 70 lb anvil, as you found out. They weights were never perfect. I have found a =/- of about 10%.

You have a nice anvil. It is as close to 'mint' as you will get. Use it properly, and it will last many generations.

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