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I Forge Iron

Hotter then xxxx so I forged a cross

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The temp was 95 with heat index of 112. So what do you do? I forged a cross for an up comming art show. It is 18 X 10 made out of 1/2 in sq bar and has 6 copper acsents. The scroll work is made fron 1/2 round bar I hammered in 1/4 sq. I buffed the steel then blued the four cross points and heated the copper untill it turned a purple/ red. Not exactly what I envisioned when I started but thats what I like about this hammering steel thing you never know what twist the hot steel will will take.

post-9934-014827000 1279848262_thumb.jpg

post-9934-075577700 1279848286_thumb.jpg

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Yes sometimes I wonder if I'm slow cooking my brain. Ours is not to reason why. One thing I did find interesting about this posting was that the word hell was replaced with xxxx. I didnt realise that hell was that offensive. It seems that the four x's leaves the posting title open to a more offensive interpitation. But then again maybe it's the heat.

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