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I Forge Iron

The Ex

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My ex-wife is planning on doing an art placement (concept sketch attached below) at BRC for this year's Burningman event - she needed to forge up a straight forward tapered spike about four feet long for the armature so I invited her up for the weekend to pound out some iron and get her hands dirty. She did a super job! She took it all in stride and had a great experience trying out a power hammer for the first time. We tried a couple of different directions for the look but she decided on slender and sleek. I'm looking forward to seeing the pics of the finished piece installed on the playa. Between working some iron, the GF keeping us fed and refreshed and having a great visit from the ex, it was a fun weekend!

post-3223-002022300 1279567645_thumb.jpg

post-3223-023046500 1279567692_thumb.jpg

post-3223-013738300 1279567732_thumb.jpg

post-3223-025691400 1279567776_thumb.jpg

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If it were me and my exwife the new wife would have put the ex into the hammer instead of the hot steel. I probaby would have let her. I can always plead insanity, or maybe gulf war II syndrome(a running gag with my brother, me being a GWOT vet).

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The gals get along famously and think the world of each other . . . it's me who gets the smack-down when the forging is done and we settle in for the evening over a beer, they start swapping Neil stories past and present. After that bucket of water, there ain't much fire to play with blink.gif

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