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Dinner Bell.


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I only seem to get 1 weekend a month on the forge.
I try and make things that I can hang on to for a while.
Maybe use as advertising.
They don't last.
Got some forge time Sunday morning before it hit 103 here.
Made one set of BBQ tools, and this dinner bell.
Well, the dinner bell is gone already. Did manage to get $50 for it.

1/2" scrap round bar. Forged to shape, then heated and brushed with the brass brush just enough to show.

post-2645-001265000 1278389543_thumb.jpg

post-2645-083488000 1278389604_thumb.jpg

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Nice job, although I probably would have spaced the screws farther apart. May be stronger than it looks in the picture, hard to tell scale.

Kinda nice when you can change some scrap bar into a $50 bill, 2 $20's and a $10, or even 10 $5's B) .

I used to live in Fairfield, and have been through your neck of the woods quite a few times. I still get up that way fairly often as I as I clean up the loose ends of my parents estate.

103, I know how you feel. It was 106 today, still 102 at 9pm.

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The triangle is 12,12,12.
The holes are for 1/4", and it is about 3/16" thick at that point. Drilled, not punched.
Intention was to make some rustic headed lag type screws, but the person that wanted it didn't want to wait.
The leaf section was flattend to about 1/16".

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