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question on twists

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anyone know what the type of twist is called where you cut halfway into a bar to make "squares" that form a kind of spiral staircase effect when you twist it...sorry if its not clear i cant find a picture. thanks for the help!

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I first saw this twist on a small project at a guild meeting in PA several years ago. I have made dozens of them since. It is not difficult and can be used as an element of many projects. I am including a progression picture and several projects I used it on.

Study the progression picture. It is desirable to upset the ends of the bar before you start making the twist. If you don't, the ends will appear to be smaller. See the small (bend) sculpture to see what I mean. It is important to make the grooves very deep. If you don't, the cubes will not pop out as well. The deeper the grooves are, the more the cubes will pop out. The hand-drawn picture shows how to cut. After the cross cuts are made, heat the bar EVENLY and twist. If the metal bends into an arc when you twist it, lay it on a piece of wood and hit it with a leather or wooden hammer to straighten it.

When I started making them, I used a hacksaw to make the cross cuts. Then I started using a zip disk on an angle grinder (be very careful). The handle is on a fire place tool.

post-585-089795600 1278375088_thumb.jpg

post-585-025336200 1278375110_thumb.jpg

post-585-009737000 1278375140_thumb.jpg

post-585-080107400 1278375159_thumb.jpg

post-585-027825200 1278375182_thumb.jpg

post-585-022141700 1278376163_thumb.jpg

post-585-014928800 1278376180_thumb.jpg

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