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Yet another flux post

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I know many other experienced metal workers already know this but I thought I would share my experience. I was asked to do an O/A brazing job on a cast iron piece; a small decorative garden bench that two of the legs had broken off of. I knew I had some rod but but when I when to do the job, I discovered the flux had mostly fallen off due to the long time storage in my hot-and-humid-in-the-summer-and-sub-fridge-ed-in-the-winter garage. I also had some plain brass rod but I know you can't braze properly without flux. Then I thought about the 5# box of borax I had purchased for forge welding and had used only but a gram or two. Will that work?? Worth a try. I didn't want to waste gas driving clear across town to the welding supply so I said to my self, "Dodge!" (I don't really call myself by my IFI username ;)) any way I said, "Try the borax!" Well folks, it works just fine. Heat the brass a little, dip it in the borax and braze. When you get to the end of the borax, dip again. Repeat as necessary. Improvise, adapt, and overcome. biggrin.gif


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