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I Forge Iron

a simple stand

Bryce Masuk

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I made this for a lady who makes and designs clothing the original stand was cheap plastic and paper thick tubing on top of it goes a adjustable manniquin for different fitting of clothing

I took the plastic part and cut it on the bandsaw to fit the pipe so it would have a snug fit.
I would have used bolts instead but this worked and the metal is so thin that any pressure points would ruin it so i would have had to weld a washer or plate on something the inside.

I forged them by hand since my hammer blows the breaker
I didnt use a jig and they arent perfectly symetrical it took longer than it should have but I feel I learned a little more than simply pulling them on a jig.

I also learned the simplest way to make something like this is to,

draw a cross on the table (two lines intersecting at 90 degrees
center a pipe or tube that fits inside of tube your using
make that tube level tacked to the table
then tack the pieces on and make sure they are all in the right place, straight, and in the center of the line on the table.

then adjust them until it all works

I attempted at first to simply space them up to the center of the tube and do each side separately and honestly it didnt work out to my satisfaction.

if the forgings were more accurate it would have been easier but in this case this turned out to be the best method.

its far from perfect but it stands level and it doesnt rock so at the least its functional

post-3202-019846600 1277493165_thumb.jpg

post-3202-040369400 1277493230_thumb.jpg

post-3202-055036100 1277493274_thumb.jpg

post-3202-099341300 1277493310_thumb.jpg

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Nice work Bryce , it's always a good feeling to make make something better than a cheaply assembled original. There's a ladies dress shop in town here where all the clothing stands are hand forged, looks so much better than the factory made standards. ;)

Cheers Ian

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This looks great, we use a similar system for large candle sticks if you plan to do a fair number of these it is useful to make up a 'gallows' bracket with a small clamp on the end wich you use to clamp your upright in this helps to get it plumb and then you weld on the legs! good luck

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