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how to make rings

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The most applicable method that I can think of would be to cut rough (or smooth) discs from thick flat stock and then hot punch the middles out. You'll need a mandrel to refine the shapes and a sizing mandrel. You could also make some by forge welding strips or bar stock but if you could do that you probably wouldn't be here asking for advice. You could also experiment with some open ended designs that just wrap the finger or some that twine together to make the ring. Wrapped wire, brazed or silver soldered is another possibility. Slices from medium to heavy wall tubing are a possible way, though you'd have trouble making that up from pattern welded stock.

If I were you I'd start with the open ends designs... they are not very viable in non-ferrous but steel is SO STRONG that they are reasonably durable designs if you keep the end tapers decently chunky and (for safety and comfort) softly round the tips. I have taught beginners to forge them in a few hours.

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