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Power hammer wanted in Australia

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Hello All,
Anyone know of a 50-200 weight hammer for sale in Australia?
I was at a knife-maker gathering last week and met a young woman who is quite the smith now and will only get better. I walked her though some basics on the two air hammers in the shop and she took to it well...by day two you would think she owned one of them.
Which is the reason for this request...she needs to own one.

She is in Perth, but lets not rule out size or distance just yet nor any particular make or model...though anything from 50 to 200 weight with a 100 being about right is what I have in mind.

Should you know of anything let me know.

Thank you,

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Yeah, Moony without a doubt. The first time Dale & I were at Moony's new place, we counted 25 power hammers & suspected that we'd missed a few!

He's a member here so easy to PM or email him.

He's also the host of Get Hammered at the end of October - would love to meet you both there. :)

And there's a PH on fleabay Oz at the moment, a 2 part that looks like it needs some work, but the price may be right?

Edit: Funny you should ask this today Ric, as Mick started a thread over on British Blades about their visit & I'd been having a look at the videos you'd posted on your site. I see you had Owen, Mick & the lovely Doctor Grace there. Owen's mechanical hammer that you were 'touting' was the first one I ever used. Owen had a very smart idea for teaching us newbies - we had to learn to control the hammer using a bit of 2x4 wood as the work before we were let loose. Later I was one of (if not the first) paying student when he started doing classes & got to play with it some more that weekend. It was a lovely hammer and if I were in the U.K. still I'd be straight onto him if he's really going to sell it.
Small world, smaller web eh? :)

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Stop press!
u can't talk to Moony- he's got hammers I want to buy!! ;)

However in exchange i have finally re-found a listing for a shiny looking Massey that is in Malaga, Perth. It doesn't appear on their website at the mo', but was in a recent 'Plant and Machinery' magazine.
Contact: www.5starmachinery.com.au
Price looked on the high side to me (c. $16,000), but maybe it is perfect???

The print ad was a bit unclear on size, maybe 2, 3 or 5cwt.


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