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Hardy Tool to go with my new "Brian" style hammer

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Yesterday I forged this new hammer with much help from Brian Brazeal and LDW so I thought I'd forge a hardy tool like we used in the class. As you can tell from the photo, my anvil is sorely lacking any square edges and the step has a melted appearance. I fired up the forge today and forged this hexagonal hardy tool from a piece of pry bar that I picked up at the local scrap yard. I will slightly radius a couple of the edges, but will leave two as they are now.


post-11994-033214900 1275448933_thumb.jp

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Great job, Mark! You know that will make your forging life much easier. You did a great job yesterday and it shows in that hammer you made, and I can tell you got alot out of this past week with that beautiful hardy tool you made all by yourself. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you, and I hope to work with you more in the future.

Are you going to the ABANA Conference?

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