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Portable Work Station

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This is a portable workstation that I built for a Farrier buddy of mine that just rescued a JHM journeyman anvil from a retired Farrier. The stand was constructed in 4 hours entirely from salvaged material collected from the resource pile (except for the 2 large hold down nuts and bolts). It comes complete with a hammer rack, swinging tool tray (with removable tong rack and punch/pritchel holders), and a hook for a water bucket (hung the bucket to keep it in the same place while he is working, and to help add a little easily removable weight to the station).

post-1880-092472800 1275443394_thumb.jpg

post-1880-035991400 1275443413_thumb.jpg

post-1880-022041300 1275443433_thumb.jpg

post-1880-066335400 1275443449_thumb.jpg

post-1880-045298600 1275443470_thumb.jpg

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Very nice! I really like it. Simple,sturdy, clean design. Nice welding too. I could really use something like this at home. I may have to "borrow" your design, if you don't mind. Thanks for posting.


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