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Woodward-fab throatless hand shear

Luke March

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Hi guys,

I'm currently on the lookout for throatless shears for sheet metal cutting. While I'd love to get a Beverly B2, it's really outside my price range to pay $500-750 for a pair of shears.

I've heard things both good and bad about the Harbor freight shears, including several modifications which can be made (tempering the blades, adding reinforcements, etc.)

However, in my research, I have come across these woodward-fab shears. http://www.woodwardfab.com/sheet_metal_shearing_tools.htm (third product down on that page, throatless hand shears)

I have not been able to find any reviews on these shears, I'm wondering if any of you have used these, and what your opinion of them is.

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i use one of those or one similar to it in my college metal class and uses a similar one in high school. I love the design of them and they are very rigid and versatile. You can even cut circles out with them if you give have the correct feed rate and cut rate.

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I have a shear similar to the Woodward that I bought twenty years ago when the high schools were closing metal shops like crazy around here, almost new, just didn't do any sheet metal work in schools anymore. I now use it for making jewelry and it cuts copper and silver just fine and thinner gages of steel but I haven't found it to be very good at cutting curves or circles, nothing like a Beverly shear. I have used the Harbor Freight copy of the Beverly Shear that a friend of mine has to do auto body work and it is an OK tool for the money but if I were to get one I'd buy the extended warranty for it in case it broke. It can happen with HF tools you know. <_<

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I don't know, you get what you pay for. I have a B3 that I bought used a long, long time ago. I doubt it will ever break. The HF tool is only going to last so long. Everything is for sale somwhere these days. Get on the interweb and find a good Beverly shear that you can be proud of and will last for the rest of your career and that of your children.

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