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Cable damascus spear

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Made a pretty heavy duty cable spear and put in a acid solution for about a half hour and brought it out cleaned it all up and then tried putting a polish to it and all the damascus when away should I soke it a bit longer an hour or more I would heat the acid up but no way to do that yet. Thanks for your help guys....

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Im using that motherbourd etching acid you buy at radio shack I also thought about trying vinager limon and salt method to see how that works.

That's the right stuff. When you polished it after etching, what did you use?
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Well, if you buffed out the pattern, either you buffed too aggressively or you didn't etch deep enough. I normally follow the etch by hand-rubbing with 1500-2000 grit paper.

It helps to pull the steel out of the acid occasionally and give it a scrub with a soft brush; it'll etch faster that way.

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