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Dave Hammer's 3B

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Saw photos of your 3B rebuild and install. Does your flywheel have grooves for the v belts? What is the serial number? Any history on the hammer? I have a 3B with v-belts but has gear teeth on the flywheel. I am running 5 belts. I believe mine was built in the mid 20's. I have a 1B I am rebuilding with 2 belt grooves in the flywheel.


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If I recall correctly, I was told my 3B was built in 1929. The serial number is 1267. I haven't tried to chase any more history yet, but will later. A friend of mine bought it at a factory sale (not sure where) in Canada a few years ago. I bought it from him last summer and brought it home in pieces. I procrastinated for a few months about where it was going to be placed (I have a small shop), then decided to add to a canopy I have to house it. Part of the canopy will be able to be closed in (with shutters of some sort... later) for winter weather. It's my understanding that the orginal configuration of these hammers all had the geared flywheels, with a matching gear on the motor. Someone told me that some of the larger shops with multiple hammers would convert to belts to cut down on the shop noise. If my 3B was gear driven, the teeth on the flywheel have been machined off. It has three grooves ("C" belt width) cut into the flywheel. A custom pulley was made to match. Someone also drilled and tapped a place to install an eye bolt (temporary) for lifting it (thank you very much), which makes it easy to move around. My friend told me that the factory this hammer came out of had a HUGE (well equipped) machine shop, so I expect alterations were made there. The 3B had some problems when I brought it home. Some have been addressed, others will be later (after I get it working). I'm looking forward to playing with it.

Tell us more about your 1B. I was fortunate enough to run across one of those also late last year (fluke... I wasn't looking for another hammer). It is still gear driven. I brought the 1B home, expecting it to be a long term restoration project, but was pleasantly suprised that I only needed to repair the ram guide, clean up a rusted ram
and make dies for it. It's serial number is 1939. Bruce Wallace (Nazelhammers, on this forum) told me it was made in 1947 and first sold to the US Treasury department. Last service was at a TVA plant in Tennessee. I put up a short video of it in action on YouTube (search for djhammerd if you are curious about it). The second video is one I made while playing with a small utility air-hammer I made a while back when I was learning a little about repousse. I expect to put up more videos later.

I live in Northern Virginia. Where are you located?

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I have seen info that hammer number 1118 was put into service in March of 1927. I am in Western Mt. I saw you video of the 1 B and enjoyed it. Mine is a 2 piece hammer with a few internal problems. I need to get some work done and will reply more later. Thanks for your prompt response.

post-5409-080233700 1273249258_thumb.jpgGlenn

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