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OHMYGOLLYGEEWHIZWOW!!! Finally got my hands on that firepot/tuyere I've been hunting and ain't she a beauty, (need to get some digital pix to post) an antique, mighty stout and large. Has tuyere with ash dump and no clinker tickler. The blacksmith I got this from is a true Gentleman, his smithy a living museum beyond compare and I am awestruck at the ease with which he oozes experience and wisdom with every sylable. I will not take the liberty of mentioning his name in cyberspace but if you ever met him you would not be lost on the magnitude of making his aquaintance, a nicer guy you will not meet. When I asked his price I was floored at his reply- $25. That was four hours ago and still my jaw hangs open. This is what continuously leaves me so immpressed with all of these folks I am meeting in my quest to persue blacksmithing- just how awesome all of these folks are, from the New York State Designer Blacksmiths to individuals I have met to folks on this sight- it seems to be the overall hallmark of the contemporary blacksmithing community. Everyone is so willing to see a newcomer succeed for the sake of the craft itself- awesome! Also "Mr. Smith" threw in an electric blower for free with a warning all of us should heed because we are probably all guilty of this; He told me this blower was last used in 1962, it has been shelved since that time because the previous owner broke this safety rule- DO NOT STAND IN FRONT OF A GRINDING WHEEL WHEN STARTING OR STOPPING IT. This is when the wheel cycles through the full range of r.p.m.'s and this is when it will likely fail, which it did. A portion of the wheel struck this man in the head and he bled to death on the floor of his shop. SAFETY FIRST. Keep on hammerin'

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