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Info on grizzle anvils

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Cast iron. No better than your Harbor Freight anvil.

I don't exactly know your price range, but I remember being sixteen. Any new anvil in what I would guess to be your price range is pretty much certain to be cast iron junk. You'd be far better off scrounging a heavy piece of mild steel to serve as your anvil, or finding a used anvil for a fair price. (Which is still likely to be $1 per pound, more if you're impatient. When I was sixteen, I was impatient.)

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For now I would be sticking one piece of railway iron vertically in a bucket of concrete so you will be using the end. This will be your main hitting anvil with lots of mass under the hammer.

The other can be used in any orientaion that works (lots of different curves and angles on it) and for straightening iron.

Edit: Just had a look at your posts and knives come up. If they are what you want to make a 4x4 piece of iron end on in a bucket of concrete will be more than suitable for a LONG time.

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If you get a forklift tine, cut it about 4-6 inches above the bend, then put the tip in a bucket of concrete. Save the other half you will find a use for it. The repair shop may be more willing to give it if you are willing to cut or have them cut before you load it...it will also fit in the trunk then.

Speaking of car trunks, get a grocery bag, a 10x10 sheet of plastic (I am currently using a mattress bag 'cause its free with the not very free new mattress) and a pair of work gloves and put them in the trunk for times when something needs to follow you home. This is even more important if the car is your parents (or wife's although that is a while off I expect).


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