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Made some Lilies

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I spent a few hours at the forge yesterday I wanted to make some lilies and was planning to do ten of them, but ended up with eight. I tried a few different ways of doing this, first I drew the tapper, then separated the stem and drew out, leaving the mass for the flower to be forged last. Next I tried to separate the material for the flower and then tapper, flatten and use cross pein to spread out the flower, then just get it to close up and finish over the horn. Separating the material before the tapper seems to work better for me I can keep the flower shorter this way and when you spread it out with the cross pein you can get it nice and wide, gives a nice finished shape. I used my home built anvil with the fullering die to spread out the flower, and I found that if you put a 90 degree bend in the stem you can run it across the die going straight back and forth (gives you both sides without having to turn the piece around)

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