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Pallet jack and my new Anyang 33

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A couple weeks ago I made a trip to see James Johnson of Anyang USA and his shop. I just can't say enough about how nice and informative he was in helping me with the purchase of a power hammer. I'm new to Blacksmithing and power hammers so he spent a few hours with me showing me the different hammers and just generally chatting it up about metalworking. I was pretty excited to leave there with my new Anyang 33 in tow.

I had to share a really nice feature of the Anyang's new base. This new base was apparently added in 2010 and has a couple very handy lifting slots running through it. These slots work perfectly with my pallet jack and allow me to easily move the hammer around in my shop/garage. Most of my heavy equipment is rigged so I can get my pallet jack under it and move it around when needed. It was great to have the accessibility built in so I didn't have to fabricate an elevated platform for the hammer to sit on.






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This is my demo hammer 'woody' , a 15 kg (33lb'er)

A couple of weeks ago I dragged her down to a big bladesmiths forge in, in London (hosted by Owen bush, or IFI's "Basher" :), we moved her with a pallet truck (except we diddnt think to use the slots through the base for this, doh! , obvious really though :D )

lots of patterwelding done on this machine, including a million layer billet and a 6 bar viking sword!


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