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Hi guys,

my name is Tomislav and i'm a little far away from you... from Serbia.
Sorry for my bad english, i'm suck at writing but good in reading.
I want to learn something more about metal selection for knife making,
damascus steel and more theory.
I'm reading this forum (which is pretty nice), and i can't see your
attach pictures... that's why i'm reg.
Google and YouTube are good source of information,
but forum like this is much much better for learning something with
final product and makers tutorial.
You're doing a great job here, just keep it up!
This blades here are real art.

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Hi Tomislav :) i saw youre from serbia which is where my parents live somewhere called Bor?? dont know if thats anywhere near you! welcome to the forum - your english is great - i dont know anything about making blades but there stacks of experts on here that you can learn loads from - hope you find what you want :)

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Welcome to IFI Tomislav.

You'll find all sorts of great information here - as posted above, there are no shortage of accomplished blademakers who can give you expert advice.

We love seeing pictures of what folks are working on so as you move along with your forging, make sure to keep us up to date on your progress


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Thanx for your welcome and fast reply, i'm so pleased!

sorry Beth i didn't mention "girls" when i said Hi guys :lol: i didn't expect your presence on this forum :lol: thats cool
I'm from Sombor and Bor is about 350-400 KM away from me. Say hello to your parents from me!

Haha welder19, you're right about that for sure! :lol:

Thanks Neil, i already find some new ideas on this forum and solutions.
I started with few of my first blades, and when i finished them, i will post some pics...
I'm glad i introduced few of you.

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