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BAM Conference in Sadelia,Mo

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I'm going to be attending the BAM conference in Sadelia,MO at the end of this month. I was wanting to know if any IFI members are going to be attending the conference also. I would be interested in meating some of the guys and gals I talk to, but don't ever see.

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I will be there filming one on the demonstrators
Will also be in the tailgate area with the UMBA video library
Look for someone riding a bicycle carrying a large anvil.
BAM is always a great time.
Ussually some type of thunderstorm in the area
Camping is near or several hotels
I have reservatons at the super 8 which is a couple miles away.

As a side note an interesting tour is Sierra bullets on the north side of town. check their web site for address.
They give a walk through tour of bullets being made that is quite interesting.
Even the non metal wife liked it.They have a seconds room for sale of rifle bullets.
Not cheap but by the #

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