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Question on Glass Fireplace Doors


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I've used glass several times just regular old tempered glass.
I just build an angle iron frame for the glass to slide into then shim so it won't rattle or drill and tap and use a set screw( just don't over tighten or POP)
good luck Marc

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I don't know a whole lot about glass but a couple years ago the small glass window (approx. 9"x7") in my woodstove door cracked, no big deal...I have two glass company's within 15 min. from me and 4 stove and fireplace stores within a 1/2 hour, all the stove places told me to call the glass places, the first glass place said they didn't have it but could order so I called the second place and they were like, no problem how big do you need it ( I though great finally after a 1/2 hour of phone calls, the place that was 2 min away from where I worked have it!!) so I give them the dimensions and he say's is that all, no problem we got that, yeah that's all, how much is it? $90 :o !!! When do you want to pick it up? he says'

I had to ask twice, I still think he was trying to sell me a windshield for the space shuttle.

So I now have a woodstove with a very nice looking piece of plain old 1/4" mild steal plate in place of the window, it cost me zero $$'s as it is from one of my many supply pile's out back and took me about 10 min. to cut and paint black with high temp spray paint.

That's what I know about fire rated glass.


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[/ Quote]

Hello there are 2 types of glass:
1) Temperate of up to 400 °
2) The other here in Italy called "glass ceramic" has a heat resistance of 800 °.
In both cases the iron is fastened with a minimum of tolerance to avoid damage to the twist of iron, you have several options for mounting the cheapest and perhaps the miles is to use silicon at high temperatures.
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