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Hey gang!

I'm in an interesting quandry. I recently transferred to ATTICA CORRECTIONAL FACILITY. I spent a brief time there when I first got the job, and almost 11 years later I've returned. Since I'm "new to the jail", I'm spending a lot of time as MISCELLANEOUS - meaning I'm bouncing from job to job all over getting the lay of the land. As such I've noticed some of the great old iron work in various places in the facility. Unfortunately for me, cameras are banned without express written permission from Albany - so I can only describe or possibly draw and scan what I see for you.

Attica was built around 1930-1932. Some of the iron work I've seen has a LARGE herringbone design that is both decorative and functional. Wasn't there one of the renowned ironworks or masters that liked to use the herringbone in their/his works?

I may have to get permission to take photos and research this for a paper or something. Its great stuff. Some of the heavier gates have been slightly modified to accept more modern electric lock systems, but the beauty is still there. More later.


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