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TireHammer/clayspencer style

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Hello and please some patientence. This has been a very long term project. Perhaps because of where I live and funds to pour into a project. I have just about finished collecting and shaping drilling adding lead and all the basics. I am using a rear stub axle from a chrysler product. I have a 1 (one) inch thick base plate that is 2 x 4 ft, the rest of is as shown in clays book. I have all the sub assemblies made to clays book. I welded the plate that the stub axle bolts to. Was balancing the tire and rim using a spare stub axle and if that is not good enough , I will redo the run out on the stub axle mounted to the plate that is welded to 5 inch square x 1/4 inch thick wall main column. I am now ready to attach the 1/4 inch plate to the tire , but to me , with the way it is drawn once the plate is welded I will never be able to get to the lug nuts. Am I missing something or is there a common fix that I have not thought of. Like some extra holes that will not weaken the drive plate and make the lug nuts accessable. All help is appreciated and I can be kesslerdotra at gmaildotcom.
Thanks in advance and I really need so help.

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Ralph, The hub must be installed on the 1/4" plate before you weld it on the tire. Make sure you tighten the lug nuts as hard as you can because they are impossible to get to once you weld the plate on. Check the hub bearings and seal, repack bearings to make sure grease is good. good luck you'll be surprised at the performance.

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hello tire hammer is coming along very well this old dude is very happy with process. mounted tire to 5x5 post st and true, got my arms and bushing, now i found the mod for the BigSpring set up look great will make them sat at a machine shop down the road. Also my siding is being delivered This Friday so I will have roof and walls. Life can be good, but I have to miss this years BiAnnual. I will get some pictures and post them. I have had to raise the anvil and post height by 6". Easier on back. More to come.

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