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Dies for a guillotine

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After seeing KYBOY's guillotine tool I decided it was time to make one. I have no hardy tools and figured a guillotine would work well. Along with the frame I have made the following dies:

Top and bottom side cut
Top and bottom 3/4" fuller
Top and bottom 1/4" fuller
Lower flat anvil to use with the 3/4" fuller specifically for making tong hinge transitions

I tried all but the flat and fuller together. They worked fine except I need to weld the strike pins better. Plus my son can do the grunt work for me.

I would like to see what dies people have made for theirs. I have a couple ideas for more, but would like help. I have seen a few on the site, but not a whole bunch.

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I snapped a couple pics. Sorry for the quality but what can ya do?
I want to make a V groove die for tong jaws, and a length wise fuller for knife "blood groove" fullers.

I used the 3/4" fullers last night to draw the reins on a set of tongs I have been working on. It worked nicely except for the strike button weld broke. I have a better idea to fix.

The side cutter will be a life saver. I cut 3/4" square in one heat and was still at forging temp. Better than having to quench and take to the bandsaw and start over.






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Wow. Looking back, these really are crappy pictures!

I couldnt help but notice that the dies aren't above the top of the side pieces. Isnt that a problem in using it?

I have welded strike buttons to the top of the die. Works fine.

I am building one of these for myself today and after seeing your photos I am simplifying the build. Thanks for posting. Pics to follow. Steeler. :)

I got the same idea from someone on this site. Sorry I can't give props. Snowed in today. I'm gonna try to get a couple more dies made.
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Another suggestion for guillotine is a necking down tool for pipe. I have two sizes in same pair of dies. One inch and half inch squares cut on the diamond and rounded edges like a fuller. Pick sizes to fit your needs. Works much better than straight fullers because it supports pipe from flattening out. Faster too, in my opinion.

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