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Hi everyone, haven't posted in a while and just finnished a new forge so i thought I'd share.

My old forge was made outta fire brick with 2 burners and it didn't seem to work that well, took a while to heat up and never
seemed to get really hot so i figured why not make a new one, I got the idea of don Fogg's site.

it's made outta a old trucks propane tank, 12 in wide and 13 high, with 3 in of Fiberfrax Insulating Blanket 2300 on the sides
and 2 in on the top and bottom. ITC 100 covering the insides. 2x3 in opening on each side. I have a 3/4 burner in there now
but could switch up to a one inch if I needed to.

When I first fired it up I couldn't believe how fast it got to heat, and seems run hotter at 5 psi then my old one did running at
15 psi with both burners!!! plus I was seeing how hot I could get it and managed to make my first forge weld, It wasn't pretty but it
was solid and i didn't have flux! :lol: so right now i couldn't be happier, and if everything goes good i could be getting my first real
anvil in a week. anyways here's the pics...



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