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hey guys, i need help making my first knife. i have a railroad screw spike, so i was hoping everyone could give me some pointers. i dont have any stuff that would help (i.e. a forge, anvil, etc.) so if anyone knows of a place where i can do that stuff in spokane, washington it would be much appreciated. thanks guys.

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First go to your local public library and ILL "The Complete Modern Blacksmith" by Weyger. In it he shows how he made a forge from a paint can and a chunk of pipe and used charcoal from a fireplace for fuel and a chunk of metal for an anvil. Using this forge he made a set of engraving chisels for doing woodcuts.

I've forged in a hole in the ground before.

You have a lot more available to youeself than you suspect!

Second find the local ABANA Affiliate and start attending meetings

You are on your way!

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