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Thought you might be interested to see this one. Its the first time ive made a knife 'stock removal' I had a piece of O1 left over from a job at work and wanted to make a knife that would be handy in the Kitchen, but you could put it to heavier use around the camp site if needs be! Its from 4mm stock, full flat grind and canvas micarta scales over red liners. Stainless pins. Its getting quite a bit of use in the kitchen and cuts well (convex secondary bevel) - Im going to refine the edge when my DMT diamond hones arrive, it will slice thin paper, and just about shave hair, but I know I should be able to get it sharper! :D

I really made it for a bit of grinding practice! - Ive got a multibar sword to grind and need to get my brain & hands calibrated with each other! :lol::blink:

It sure was nice grinding a piece that wasnt a scale ridden fluxy lump!, I made a very similar knife in feather damascus last year and made a template then which I used for this one.




edit, blades about 6.5" long!

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