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I tend to forge my own wedges as of late I have moved to the round wedge design and I still forge it. I taper a 3/8" or 1/4" wide 3/16 thick piece all down the side then I determine how big of a diameter I want to use and I hot cut it there then I take a piece of round stock or a wooden dowel and I use it to bend the piece around to get the radius once a radius is formed I tighten the ends together then use a file to create teeth along the bottom of the wedge to help it grab the wood at this point it's ready to be pounded in. I prefer the round design of a wedge greatly over that of a straight piece. I can also get a 2" wide piece of 3/16" in the length if 6 meters and it costs me not a lot.after having them cut it in meter sections this allows me roughly 24 meters worth of steel to create my wedges. After reading everyone's posts about milling them and everything I feel like this would be greatly cost effective and works just as well I would even concierge selling these as four for a dollar that way I could still make a little after charcoal and steel cost then time invested. If I had a way to start doing handles in my current location I would sell hand make handles with wedge included also.

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