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Uncle Levi

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I just received in the mail "The Backyard Blacksmith" by Lorelei Sims. I highly recommend this book to ANYONE interested in blacksmithing. Incidently, I ordered mine on line from Alibris----a really good source for books, in or out of print and at good prices. Levi

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I too agree, Lorelei Sims book is great.
It has a good combination of photos, drawings and boxed tips & facts.
The SAFETY message is emphasied and practiced throughout the book.
All blacksmithing books have something you can learn. We can't have too many! But I think this is the best beginners book I've seen so far and will take anyone who "has a go",from dreaming to being hooked.
Happy forging. Graeme.

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good afternoon,

thomas dean was nice enough to send me your comments and thanks so much for your kind words and enthusiasm about the book. it was truly a labor of love. i do sell autographed copies through my web site and i will be tailgating at sofa later in month. please stop by and say hi if you are in troy.

although i do not have a lot of time during the day to be on the computer, this looks like a great web site and i am looking forward to exploring the forums.

if anyone has any questions or comments about the book, please feel free to contact me directly - lorelei@blacksmithchic.com

have a great day!


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