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I Forge Iron

Howdy Ya'll


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I was deep into forging blades for several years. I even started working on a small website. I even saw were somebody on this forum linked to my making charcoal page http://www.twinoaksforge.com/BLADSMITHING/MAKING%20CHARCOAL.htm. Kinda made my day.

Anyway I decided to move to the country and build my own house and then set up my shop again. 5 years later I am still working my day job and building the house.
But it is far enough along that I can start thinking about forging blades again.

I found you guys and it has reminded me of what I have been missing.


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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! Noticed where you are from TEXAS! Good to have you aboard and we do enjoy pictures so don't be bashful about posting some of your work. How close are you to Longview. I'm just east between Longview and Hallsville, if you are in the area give me a holler and we can get together sometime. Enjoy the site.

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Thanks Guys,

Thomas-I am in the Kaufman area. I spent my teenage years in Tyler, Graduated from Robert E. Lee. It was so long ago I was one of the last Rebels.
I am a manufacturers rep and some of my customers in your area. I will give you a holler when I come that way.


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