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chimney question

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In the picture attached, is there any "ideal" ratio between the diameter of the flue and the square or rectangular section that collects the smoke directly above the fire. I already have 18 feet of flue at 12 inch diameter. What should the boxie bit be?




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From Blueprint 1048 by Hofi

The square tunnel is 13 inches x 13 inches with a 4 degrees down slope to prevent the rain water from flowing back into the fire.

The tunnel is some 4 feet long, but it can be 1-2 feet more if needed without any problems.

The tunnel is fabricated from 3/16 inch regular sheet metal (black), and painted twice with silver paint. After 15 years it is not rusted yet.

The stainless steel pipes are 12 inches inside diameter.

The hight of the chimney is 10 feet. In this case I wanted the chimney to go up as near as possible to the end of the roof.

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I'm not 100% sure but I'd say big enough for the 12" round to fit into it.

I've seen this style before and they did something kinda neat with it. They angled the square section just a few degrees downward on the outside of the building and drilled a hole or two in it to let all the rain/snow out and you don't need any kind of a cap on the top.

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