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Buffalo Forge blower rebuild


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I don't know why you couldn't reuse the spacers. what is wrong with the gears? I had a guy make a new shaft for my buffalo 200 it was completely locked up and the gear had rusted away this shaft had a helical gear on it, the guy charged me 30 bucks to make a new shaft which i know was a good deal I'm sure it took him a few hours to make, you need to find some one near by that will give you a "good guy price" but it can be done go to events with your local blacksmith group you may find another one for parts

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Thanks guys!
I am in contact with the company as it is now. There is a flat spot of about 5 teeth on the main gear that is attached to the crank handle. It gives a slip when it meshes with the second gear. Not really a biggie but I'd like it to not be there. Yes, the spacers can be used, they looked really bad til I cleaned them up and dried them off. With some white lithium grease the runs very well, puts out good air, but that little slip is annoying.





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JB WELD here I come! It might work..The company wants $250 for newly machined gears. Dont know if that includes the shafts and cogs. If anyone has a junker with good gears, I'm in...........

Those blowers are relatively cheap (excluding fleabay ). Keep an eye open and you may pick one up fairly cheap that is either working or is a good source of assorted parts.

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