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unknown Torch?

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I acquired this old torch for $2. Now I need to know what it is for.
The inlets are marked "GAS" & "AIR" (any old gas,any old air). The tip has N1 stamped on it. I "Googled" The manufacturer but nothing relevant surfaced. The manufacturer is :


Thank you for your help.

Kenny O




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That is a beautiful old torch... If you decide to part with it id pay you ten times your investment :)

I am not 100% sure but my guess is its from a laboratory or other similar environment. Typically "shop" items where not nickle plated but rather left in raw brass. Not to say everything was like that but more often than not. I would also say that it was most likely natural gas and compressed air at very low pressure.... Again more of a mid heat (less than 1000 deg) heating utensil.... But like I said, that's a guess...

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I guess acetylene would not work, and by "air" they don't mean O2.
Maybe they literally mean nat gas and air? I don't know what it might be used for, I will search for more data. Shaping glass in a lab?
Thanx for the information, I will post any new info I come across.
When I part with it you are the first to know MM.

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I think your right, it looks like a torch use in chemistry lab for making glass ware and they used natural gas and compressed air. The compressed air was sometimes provided by a foot pump that looked like half a volleyball covered in a net with a foot pedal on top. Nice old torch by the way. There are also some contemporary jewelry soldering torches that use a similar looking torch but the head is somewhat smaller, half that diameter.

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We used that type of head when I worked at the Borg Warner plant in Coldwater, MI. We made prototype and limited production run radiators and used that type of torch with natural gas and compressed air to solder the headers onto the core tubes, and in general attachment of tubes, and fittings to the radiator. Nice torch but not a real unique one. We bought them from McMaster Carr by the dozen.

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