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Niles 750 lb. hammer

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Dillon have you seen the Lillico book. It gives you an idea of how they used to block out big forgings with an open die steam hammer. It is illuminating. It gives you a nice appreciation for volume. Have you seen the Clifton Ralph power hammer videos? You can also get videos cheap from UMBA and they have Clifton, Kurt Ferrenbach, and Steve Parker demoing at an IBA Conference. That particular video shows you some interesting bits of "Furniture" to get you the angles to get certain blows, not to mention setting up for doing bending on a hammer.

This year the last weekend in June, Clifton and Kurt will be demoing on a 400# Chambesburg run on Steam! should be a good show Tipton, Indiana a short drive North of Indianapolis;-)

The rest just gets in the way... ;-)

I have Power hammer Techniques by Clifton on CD, have them on VHS too but don't have a player anymore. Most of what I know about big hammer forging has been from this, unbelievable amount of info (my 9 year old daughter says he is boring). I made an anvil on my 250 following along the videos. I don't have any others, would be interested but I couldn't find them on UMBA.
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