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I Forge Iron

Nice to be here !!!


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Hello, blacksmith men and women from all over the world, here I am. I am a brand new Blacksmith. Have started 1 month ago. I built a forge from an ols barbeque and added a few ideas picked up from the internet (Anvilfire). A GOOD friend GAVE me an anvil. I have had 2 forge sessions so far, am battling with the lack of skill.(keep dropping the hot iron on the floor), but managed to make a pair of tongs, a shape of a horseshoe, and stand for my cast iron pot lid.
I am having so much fun, need to learn plenty, and need to make myself a lot of tools. But I have started what I have been wanting to do for about 20 years.(I am a guy, aged 43 now)

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Welcome Wim,
It sounds like we have a lot in common. I just started a few year back but still consider myself a novice at age 51. I have been metal working for many years but only discovered "real" smithing in the last couple. I made my own forge tho its a gasser and made a powerhammer. (Bad back makes this a luxurious necessity :) ) This (and that "other place" ;) ) are great learning tools. Join the chat too when you can. If for no other reason, its a fun place to talk with other smiths about stuff that sometimes even involves blacksmithing LOL.


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Howdy form East TEXAS!! YAHOO!!! Glad you made it aboard and are learning a fun but challenging art! I have been working metal since '73 but ENJOYING the forging end for about 4-5 yrs. I'm 52 and still learning, hope to keep learning til I die and this is a good place to learn. Welcome.

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