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chainsaw chain knife almost done


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this is my chainsaw chain knife made from a single 20" chain with a welded on tang. the front guard is a recoil spring from a saw also, forged still round then "squished" so that the layers all run the same way in the spiral of the spring. the blade is 7" long 1.25" wide and 3/16" thick. and the guard is 3 3/8" long 3/4" wide and just over an 1/8" thick. now all i need to do is put a handle on it but i cant fighure out what to do my friend has some mahogany but what i would like to do is wrap a chainsaw chain around the tang front to back then mold it up and fill it with a clear epoxy resin so you can see the chain inside the handle so does anyone know how i would go about that. and any other comments or criticism are welcome. thanks



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with the idea of the chain for a handle( make sure the chain is clean and grease free ) you could try to rap the chain around the tang then wrap with a plastic bag or a mold of some type like a toilet paper card board or such. set up a rig to clamp the knife standing on end (pointy end up) fill mold or bag or what ever with epoxy resin or some type of resin ( i would have to read up on the different types of resin to find which is better) you could agitate as you put the resin in to help fill the voids. let set over night. take the mold off then sand to rough shape, and i would paint a couple of light coats till i got to the final shape that i wanted. try to sand to a high grit like 300. each additional coat should fill in sand marks if there fine enough.(marks should fill in anyway i had some that did not in the past on different types of projects and now i sand as high a grit as i can get.)

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Look up vet tec products on the web. Try one called superfast. I use it for building extentions on horse foals feet. Almost indestructable and you can file, sand and polish it. Sets up in about 2 min and is 100% solid in 30 min. Real easy to work with. You need to have a special gun to dispence it, well worth the investment. They have several different products. Talk to the local farrier assoc for help. Great idea for the handle. Steve

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