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first actually usable piece

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Well, I finally made what I think is my first truly usable piece.

A cheese slicer, made of 3/8 round stock (mild steel), squared, flattened, drawn and twisted.
Wire is 0.035" diameter 5356 Aluminum.

Wire-brush finished.

The handle didn't quite turn out as I had originally planned. was working in near dark (5:00 pm December 4th in Northern New England) and night-blinded a bit by my forge, so all things considered, I guess it turned out ok. :D



Comments? Suggestions? Cheesecake?


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Good first piece. Now go make 19 more. This will allow you to work on all of the skills you used to make this piece. I would try to taper the ends more where the wire attaches, work on getting the handle and the other end into the same plane and limit the twists to areas that are not going to be bent until you get a good feel for bending.

For instance put all the bends in place then put the spine (area opposite the wire) in the fire and heat to bright red. Put one bend in the vise grab the other bend with your twisting wrench (vise grips) and twist. This will isolate the bend to that one length of steel and make it look deliberate.

Keep up the good work.

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My good friend John Rausch, always told me, if you're gonna make 1, make 2. It took me a year to institute the practice, and it really pays off, any finished project is a good finished project. Keep it for the future, so you have a living history of your skill set, and the development of your abilities!!

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