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Grappling Hook

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I have been asked to forge a grappling hook for a local marine fire fighter for the purpose of throwing at a small boat that is on fire to pull it in to range to hit with a fire hose. It is a vague description but not important none the less. I have forged the grappling hook itself by splitting sucker rod (courtesy of richard thibeu) into 4 hooks and forging an eye on of the other end.

My main question is this... What is a good color to temper the hooks to for maximum strength? I have yet to harden or temper the whole piece. I have minimal experience with forging with sucker rod. Thank you in advance.


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Remember that the color you temper to will vary based on the carbon content of the steel used. High carbon tempered to a say dark blue might be equal to a medium carbon tempered to a light blue. Sounds like you may need to experiment. What is the likely load he will be applying? If you tempered to a purple will it bend given the load? If yes temper to a lighter color if no stay where you are.

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