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anyone know who made this sledge hammer? Touchmark shown

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I found this sledge a couple of years ago at a local army surplus store it was the only one that they had at 25 bucks I would have bought more it weighs about 8lbs and has a makers mark on it it was labeled "sledgehammer, swiss" I know its hard to make out the touchmark there is a guy with anvil and above looks like a snake and below there is an F. It was a bargain at $25.00 wish there were more I asked the guys and they did not even know it was there right by the front door they prob thought it was a good door stop





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Actually, you should be careful about storing sledge hammers head down, at least on a concrete floor. I once scored a half a dozen old sledge hammers, all with what appeared to be good/new handles. They had been stored head down in a garage. When I got them back to the shop, they all, to a one, had electrolysis of the wedge, with acompanying rot of the section of the handle inside the head. $70 worth of handles and some hours later they were fuctional again.

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If you live where there are termites they will go up the handle too. I bought one that was pretty well eaten up but it didn't show on the outside. I was very much a surprise when the head went flying and wood fell into splinters. The termites had only eaten the soft parts of the wood leaving behind the hard rays of wood.
If that hammer you bought is Swiss made it should be a good hammer.

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