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I Forge Iron

Greetings from Colorado


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I've been a member for a while and tend to be more of a lurker than a poster.

I've been messing around teaching myself smithing for just under a year now. and enjoying it quite a bit. I've read quite few books on the subject but it's something else entirely to actualy do it! I've often found that it takes a few tries for me to get the result I want and it's ussually not doen the way any of the books explain it.

Earlier this year I started looking for some classes to get some real teaching but unfortunatly the closest to me (Frances Whitikers forge in Carbondale) was filled up on perople this year. I'm already planning on getting into next years class though.

So far I've made:

An anvil hold down
a few cut off hardys
several smaller handheld punches/chisils
lots of practice hooks!
a set of 36 rose garden markers with hanging copper signs
a Tomahawk
a throwing knife
a dear antlered letter opener

I'm in this for the learning and really appriciate the blueprints posted on this site!


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Whereabouts in colorado are you? I'm in denver. Arvada specifically. feel free to give me a call at (303) 456-0102 after 5pm. There are several other options to pick up blacksmithing skills in colorado depending on where you are, and what your interested in. I am of course always happy to get together with another smith and share what meager knowledge I have also.


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Hi John. I'm constantly amazed at the number of blacksmiths I meet in arvada!! Must be something in the air. So far I've had two neighbors who are smiths and one whose brother inlaw is a smith in wheatridge. Not to mention a world class knifemaker a couple of miles away, and what is probably the largest collection of power hammers in this part of the country just down the road. Anyway, As I said feel free to give me a call. So we can get together and B.S. Maybe hit some Iron.


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