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JNewman NEEDS this bender

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O.K. John, here it is. 220/440. Bends 2-1/4 cold, probable twice that hot. It only has two speeds - too fast and stop! Be nice to put a VFD on it for fine control. Only has a single foot switch, press and it goes forward, let off and it goes all the way back. I don't like that, so I bought a two-pedal foot switch and never got around to putting it on. That way stepping on one pedal would go forward, let off and it would stop. Step on the other pedal to go back. Much better. Has a "pin ring" on the circumference of the turn-table, put a pin in and it stops on a micro-switch.

Weight: 3131 lbs.
Dimensions: 77 X 50 X 45 inches




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Good question Glenn. After seeing what John was doing, I just knew he needed it. If he does not want it, anyone on IForge can have it for the same $1,000.00 I offered it to John for. Dees be my buds!

So I guess it is for sale to anyone, but John currently has "first refusal".

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