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Hello from Huntsville, Alabama


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Hello Everyone,

Someone commented about how clean my shop looked so I figured I'd drop in here and introduce myself and leave a few pics of my shop and my work. I go by Spears even though my real name is Brad and I do fine art like big welded yard sculptures and forged furniture and forged art items. I've only owned my gas forge for about two years now and it has expanded my art capabilities to an outstanding level. I don't fall into the league of extraordinary blacksmiths and I'm kind of the opposite of traditional methods. That doesn't mean I don't respect the time and effort some folks put into performing their craft in the traditional way. Nor do I look up to someone who talks down my work because it isn't "forge welded". I only wish I had the time to work in my shop more than just 2nd to my full time job. I try to keep the floor swept in case some wealthy art clients want to visit and look at my work. You can bet the lady will be wearing sandals or shoes worth more than tires on my car. I just now acquired all the materials to build my David Robertson air hammer. That will allow me to work even thicker stock so my capabilities can grow even more. Most of my knowledge is in machining but if there is anything anyone thinks I can help them with, I'm a very easy person to contact. Regards, Spears.

Hope you enjoy the pics!!







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Thank you for the replies. I live straight east of Redstone Arsenal on 5 acres of what used to be a swamp. Now it's a pretty cool yard I can put up my sculptures in. I made the flower petals out of 1/4" x 1" flat stock hand hammered and wire wheeled. I buy quite a bit of 1/4" scrap plate from work because they just recycle it. It's good low carbon hot rolled steel very forgeable and very weldable. I've learned a lot from this forum and I'm happy to be a part of it, Spears

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