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Wire sculpture

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yes hi poseyforge i have done stuff with wire its good for sculptures- you wont need any heat as you prob found out with the trees, you can twist up lengths of it for sturdier sections, wind it round itself, thread stuff on it, make topiary type frames and "infill" with like weaving or spider web kind of ways its just really versatile stuff. chicken wire is also good with wire either stretched over areas or scrunched up in tight shapes for dense looking areas. get some pics on!

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Depending on what you are using for wire, and what you are trying to do, you may in deed need to heat it. I have been working on a sculpture using wire coat hangers and in many cases, I need at least the heat of a propane torch to make bends and twists. OK, not imperative, but twists stay better when heated to a red heat Not sure of the content of a basic coat hanger but they do seem to anneal when heated so they must have been harder to begin with. Hope this was helpful :D

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I at one point earlier created a 5 ft wire sculpture out of 50% recycled copper wire. My link is here and here is the link to a close up of the head. I haven't done alot of work on this sort of project in a long time, but it was alot of fun. i used only my hands and occasionally a pair of needle nose pliers.

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